Bill and Raymond Cloyd - Windy City Chariot Bill Cloyd Continues Scamming People Out of Their Cars and Money

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For Pete's Sake People... do your homework first! - The website doesn't even have a contact number OR ANY CONTACT INFO other than a form to fill out. Don't worry, I've placed their number in the Subject line above for you. They removed their phone number, email address(, And names and pictures as soon as they got their first complaint. Hiding from Something??? Guilty as accused.

What's the business address? Who runs this show and who are they? Do they

even have a license to Operate this shindig of theirs? After reading about

them online and hearing a totally bloated seminar Trying to recruit a sales

team and CHARGE THEM for it, I'm sure you'll get some fabricated excuse why

They don't NEED licensing or credentials to operate a business. Ironically,

ALL legitimate businesses Are registered or licensed one way or another that you can reference - remember that! Only SCAMS Do not apply to that rule. Think about it.

You will loose your car and your credit if you fall for their scam. They

are trying to build a huge sales force (which, by the way they charge you to work for them) and then get as many vehicles 'swapped' as fast as they can (for a down payment price) and then will do something legitimate businesses WON'T do.... RUN and HIDE (with your money.... And without you knowing where you car is). Basically, they get rich quick... the sales team gets ripped off... and you have to trust that whoever they put in YOUR vehicle is honest enough to keep making the payments to you (or else they just got a free car!). Sounds great right! Only if you're Bill Cloyd.

Thankfully I am not in desperate need to 'swap' people's leased vehicles and was able to see all the Loopholes and problems with this whole deal. You don't have to listen, you don't have to believe me, But I TOLD YOU SO, right here, right now. You've been forewarned.

If you're contemplating placing your vehicle with them, consider all of YOUR liabilities in doing so, and When you get a line of bull as a solution from Jupiter's Chariot (or any of the other greoup of names he creates to help mass market himself) and the Cloyd brothers... GET PROOF. There are legitimate companies out there helping 'swap leases' with REAL SOLUTIONS... what Cloyd promises and fails to tangibly provide... there are other companies that CAN and WILL follow through.

That's it. I'm done. Good luck!

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Speaking of bad grammar...and spelling (lmfao right now), thanks for the laugh Jim.

Oh, yeah, thanks for posting it twice too!

Double the pleasure!:grin

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #88675

Why do all these posts contain bad grammer, bad spelling? Do people who feel like they were scammed poorly prepared for what they experience?

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #88674

Why do all these posts contain bad grammer, bad spelling? Do people who feel like they were scammed poorly prepared for what they experience?

Bill and Raymond Cloyd - Bill Cloyd and Raymond Cloyd at it again-Windy City Chariots - Great Lakes Chariots

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I can't beleive these guys have surfaced yet again with two more incarnations. At this to Jupiters Chariot and that makes at least 3 employment scams running at once. This one is pure beauty and these two carpetbaggers have it down to a science. Training fee to learn how to take over Leases, One call close, what a joke.

Run, do not walk away. The only thing you will get from these guys is a big whole in your wallet. Bill and Raymond Cloyd are very smooth operators, and will be gone as soon as they have fleeced this latest bunch of victims.

One of the scammed


Whitesboro, New York, United States #777112

This guy is a *** and there are a lot of people in upstate new york looking for him, including all federal authorities. We will find u William and can't wait to see u sitting in jail. We are real close to getting u Bill..........


This person is just a horrible entity.How is it that he is just allowed to carry on and no one has stopped him.

That's rediculous!

Where's the law here??:sigh


His ex- wife is a scam too. She is a ***!! What a joke!!!


You should get a load of what these guys did to the former NFORC employees and now they currently have like 10 new scams for getting people out of thier leased cars.You more you look the worse it gets!

How is this guy not in jail yet??!!:eek

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